Thursday, March 20, 2014

War Machine - True Tape

A-Rising Sun Fire
B - War Machine


Ex-Cracker Jacks
Ex-Humpty Dumpty


  1. Do you actually have all the items on the blog?? or are you just taking informations from any others media?? i tell this because some of the stuff...for exemple some flyers/some of the tapes, have saw around,maybe the shots is to much alike...!!!

  2. At the top of the page it states: This is for any and all rarities that I do not have any recordings of, but are out there somewhere. Ususally hard to find and expensive as hell. That's why you will most likely only see them in a museum. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE FOR SALE, I WILL BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hmm....actually, i have some of the stuff myself and indeed expensive like hell but if you truelly are a collector is worth!! I have some for sale, some don't,some on extremelly exception i trad. for example one of the demos i would love to get in my hands for a couple of years now is the Pheonix(think there is 2 tapes), Western Kids Omnibus II(Cracker Jacks on it)+ J.M.SKIN ZINE,Warriors Thirds,V.A- Dash Out...etc if somebody have it don't mind to trad or buy too!

  4. It would be awesome if someone were to make compilations of some of this stuff... 'Japanese Oi! - The Demos and Rarities vol.1, 2, 3', that sort of thing... :)

  5. you mean like a bootlegging!?? well don't know if is good ideia but ya, still there is people that make it very very smililar to an original one,making big cash on it! Also there is no label that would made "unofficial" releases now..because it suggested to have to ask the bands itself confirmations of approval(some of them don't exist anymore) and for the bands after many years still have intact the masters tapes of those demos! is a rather difficult suggestion you place there! ;)

  6. Plenty of shitty bootlegs out there already. Everything on Fuck The World Records, DOTRS... The new copies of Wolves Banquet compilation and the Growl Strike/Bulldog Hercules are shit too. And much of the stuff that Vulture Rock put out is just old demo tapes. (Probably from the masters).

    1. I know for certain that the 'Japanese Oi! Legends' LP sounds like absolute garbage. I suppose that most of these boots are just sourced from mp3s that he downloaded. In other words mp3 rips from old, trashed tapes that sounded bad enough anyway. It would be awesome if someone could actually license this stuff legitimately and get access to the original master recordings, if they still exist...

      I'm very wary of spending money on any more of these German bootlegs (is it the same person who makes them all under different label names?). Though the Youth Anthem one from last year was pretty cool.